Price:                                    1500 AED per level
Duration:                              24  Hours per level
Timings:                                 Flexible

Course Overview

Basic Russian Course Curriculum for Beginner’s

Alphabets in Russian & their Pronunciation and writing (Vowels and constant voices).


  • Greeting
  • Saying simple phases first meeting
  • Good morning, good evening.
  • Hello, how are you?


  • Get acquainted
  • Getting acquainted with friends, girlfriend and colleagues.
  • Greeting with different people.


  • Questions
  • Asking about people.
  • Asking about occupation
  • Asking where they live
  • Asking where they work


  • Calling of things
  • Calling of people
  • Specifying them
  • Asking about them


  • How to ask whose are these things?
  • Possessive pronoun


Target groups: All people wanted to learn Russian for purpose of academic or practical use. The full courses will give the learners the background to start easily life, business or study in Russian speaking community.

Russian (Русский Язык) is a beautiful  ]language spoken as a first language by more 147 million people worldwide and total of around 113 million speak it as second, or foreign language. It considers to be one of the UN official languages.

The course lays down the foundations of the spoken language by introducing learners to the pronunciation of alphabet (Cyrillic), words and phrases through text and audio. Short audio segments let you hear how the words and phrases are pronounced. These are reinforced with longer videos, including transcripts and translations to English or Arabic, using related interviews with Russian speakers. You will learn how to greet people and address them correctly, both formally and informally. How to call things and to ask whose are they. This course will be of great interest to anyone who wants to learn to speak Russian for the use in business, social or academic occasions, and for those wanting to travel to any Russian speaking country or region.