Price: AED 1,600

Duration: 16 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Accounting principles and assumptions are the essential guidelines under which businesses prepare their financial statements. These principles guide the methods and decisions for a business over a short and long term. For both internal and external reporting purposes, it is important to understand the concepts presented below because they serve as a guideline to the analysis of financial reporting issues.

Course Outline

A Introduction to Accounting (Fundamentals)

1 Introduction to Accounting
2 The Five Major Types of Accounts
3 Assets Definition and Examples
4 Liabilities Definition and Examples
5 Capital Definition and Examples
6 Expenses Definition and Examples
7 Revenue / Income Definition and Examples

B Two Main Categories of the Major Five types

1 Rules of Debit and Credit
2 Explain the concept of T-accounts
C Accounting Cycle
1 General Journal Entries
2 Journal Ledger Preparation
3 Trial Balance Preparation
4 Trading Account Preparation
5 Profit and Loss Account Preparation
6 Balance Sheet Preparation
7 Assignments for Practical

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