Price: AED 2,500

Duration: 20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

If you wish to learn programming techniques or improve your programming concept then this is the suitable course for you.
It’s a plain PHP; you will learn to do coding from basic level with full understanding of related concepts. Each lesson goes with practical examples and hands-on exercise and that’s how you wish off your course by earning every single bit with full understanding.

It will help you…

To clarify your programming concepts
To learn programming techniques
To do in depth understanding of programming
To fit yourself into any professional environment
To learn any other programming language where you will already have full concept of core programming means you don’t have to learn again.
To advance level, where you can further learn dynamic web application development

Course Outline

What / Why PHP?
What is Web Development?
Introduction to Open Source Technologies
What is XAMP & WAMP?
Setting up XAMP/ WAMP
PHP Language Basics
Programming Basics
PHP Coding & Scripting via Text Editor
PHP Statements
PHP Variables
PHP Data Structure
Naming Rules, Data Types
Working with Strings
Single Quoted Strings
Double Quoted String
Creating Variables
Assigning Values to Variables
Assigning Variables to Variables
What / Use of Operators?
Anathematic Operators
Logical Operators
Boolean Operators
Decision Statements
Control Structures
Statement Blocks
If Construct, Else Keyword
Elseif & If Else Keyword
What are Loops?
Types of Loops
Looping Constructs
While Loop Statements
Do-while Loop Statements
For Loop Statements
Foreach Loop Statements
Nested Loops
Break, Continue
What / What PHP Arrays?
Array Types
Setting up Arrays
Modifying with Square-Bracket Syntax
Array Functions
Using a Return value as a Key
PHP Functions
Basic Concept of HTML
HTML/ PHP Examples
Error Reporting

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