Feasibility Studies

Price:                                            4000 AED
Duration:                                       15  Hours
Timings:                                         Flexible

 Course Overview

Feasibility studies address issues that could influence the success of a potential project and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option so they can be ranked. The end product of the study is a clear, concise report which presents the proposed project’s objectives, with conclusions and recommendations for the next phase.

This course provides participants with a firm basis to determine whether the project has sufficient merit to pursue into more detailed phase. This is achieved by means of a feasibility study.

Key Benefits

We help acquaint you with the essential methods and tools to develop into a successful corporate and project manager of tomorrow, by supplementing the traditional metrics of performance with the latest dynamic methods that adapt to the increasing uncertainty and flexibility inherent in the fabric of the modern business world.

Course Objectives

This course will feature:

  • What is a feasibility study
  • When is a feasibility study used
  • How to develop a feasibility study

Course Outline

Module 1: Planning a Feasibility Study

  • Introductions, course purpose, goals and objectives
  • What are feasibility studies and why are they important?
  • Feasibility studies: definitions, principles and concepts
  • Identifying where a feasibility study occurs in a project plan
  • Creating and protecting ‘value’

Module 2: Considering the Options

  • Distinguishing between needs and wants
  • Understanding the business need
  • Performing an options analysis
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Consideration of the risks and opportunities

Module 3: Risk Assessment

  • The risk management process and application
  • Identifying and assessing the risks of the preferred option
  • Identifying and managing key stakeholders
  • Establishing the cost estimate
  • Contingency determination

Module 4: Feasibility Study Preparation

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Feasibility Study report preparation

Participants profile

This course is intended for employees working in the following areas:

  • Risk department
  • Finance departments
  • Feasibility Studie
  • Project Appraisals
  • Banking
  • Management

Instructors profile

This program is led by instructors with significant practical and teaching experience, who have solid professional and academic background that help combine traditional lecturing with case studies and discussions to enhance the training experience and complement lessons gained.