PV - Elite

Price:                                              1500  AED  
Duration:                                       24 Hours  
Timings:                                         Flexible

Course Overview


Programme Objectives

  • Learn commands, features and workflows of Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis


Who Should Attend

  • EPC Contractors
  • Static Equipment Professionals

Course Outline

  • Starting the Test1 Model, Setting Units, Adding the Vessel Elements
  • Finishing the Test1 Model
  • Viewing Element Data, Running the Analysis,
  • Viewing Internal Pressure Calculations
  • Viewing Elements and Node Numbers
  • How to Build a Horizontal Vessel
  • Nozzles, Designating Orientation and Location, Nozzle Types
  • Adding Nozzles, Input Options
  • Adding a Hillside Nozzle
  • Adding Radial and Hilli side Nozzles in the Top Head
  • Nozzle Code Compliance, UG-37 and Appendix 1-10
  • Adding Nozzle Reinforcement to the Model using UG-37
  • Adding Nozzle Reinforcement to the Model using Appendix 1-10
  • Large Nozzles in Cylindrical Shells
  • Using UG-45 for Large Nozzles
  • Elliptical Heads and Torispherical Heads
  • Designing for Vacuum
  • Cone to Shell Junctions
  • Inserting Components
  • Understanding Joint Efficiency
  • Joint Efficiency and Welds using UW-12
  • Radiography and Weld Categories
  • Modifying Joint Efficiency
  • Vessel Supports, Forces on Vessel Skirts
  • Setting Wind Loads
  • Designing and Analyzing a Skirt
  • Viewing a Plot of the Base Ring and Analyzing Further
  • Vessel Saddle Supports
  • Saddle Design and Analysis
  • Vessel Leg Supports
  • Designing and Analyzing Vessel Leg Supports
  • Lug Supports on Vessels
  • Designing and Analyzing Lugs on Vessels


Career Path

Upon completion of this course you should be able to apply PV Elite for Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis.