Price:                                           1600  AED
Duration:                                    16 Hours
Timings:                                      Flexible

Practical Accounting is the routine manner in which the day-to-day financial activities of a business entity are gathered and recorded. A firm's accounting practice refers to the method by which its accounting policies are implemented and adhered.



Course Overview

Program Objectives

Candidates will be trained on the following tasks

  • Set up companies
  • Nominal Ledger, Nominal Code, Chart of Accounts
  • Basic T Accounts Concept (Double Entry) & Computerised Accounts Double Entry
  • Customers Accounts Setup
  • Customers  Batch Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Suppliers Accounts Setup
  • Suppliers (inc. Invoices and Credit Notes)
  • Bank Payments and Receipts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Error Corrections
  • Reconciling and Closing
  • Reports

Who Should Attend

  • New accounting graduates wishing to be employees
  • Employers that want to increase the skill base of their employees
  • Employees that want to upgrade their skills
  • Unemployed individual(s) looking to return to work
  • Small business owners and managers wishing to develop their entrepreneurial skills
  • Start-ups, Small and Medium size Enterprises that need help with their accounts

Course Outline:

  • Prepare receipt voucher
  • Prepare payment voucher
  • Prepare journal voucher
  • Prepare purchase orders
  • Prepare sales quotations
  • Bank Payments and Receipt
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Prepare fixed assets register
  • Post all financial transactions in ledgers
  • Prepare trial balance
  • Prepare financial statements

Career Path

Gain hands on experience Free after-training support and advice Develop employment skills Interviewing techniques and skills to gain Opportunity for work placement.