Price:                                    900 AED
Duration:                               20 Hours
Timings:                                 Flexible

C++', a general-purpose programming language, is an extension of 'C' Language with the additional built in features

C++ language is used to create different kinds of software such as server software, general systems software, embedded software, application software and also used in creating video games in different environments like Linux, Unix and Windows.

Course Outline

C++ Environment Setup

C++ Basic Syntax

C++ Data Types

C++ Variable Types

C++ Operators

C++ Loop Types

C++ Decision Making

C++ Functions

C++ Numbers

C++ Arrays

C++ Strings

C++ Pointers

C++ References

C++ Basic Input/Output

C++ Object Oriented

C++ Classes & Objects

C++ Inheritance

C++ Overloading

C++ Polymorphism

C++ Abstraction

C++ Encapsulation

C++ Interfaces

C++ Advanced

C++ Files and Streams

C++ Exception Handling

C++ Dynamic Memory

C++ Templates