Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 12 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

To be an expert Web Designer, you need to have a solid grip in both modules such as HTML & JavaScript coding. It is another basic skill-set you must need to learn for setting up websites, fixes the website design & layout issues to add some interactivity.
JavaScript is known as Scripting Language of HTML and the Web. It helps to work around with the behavior of your web pages.
JavaScript will allow you to add up interactive elements also on your site like Drop Down Menus, Moving Elements. If there is any sort of calculation you may need to perform on the go then JavaScript is the way choice to do such stuff.

In this course you will learn and get hands-on experience in HTML & CSS to design and built attractive websites.

Course Outline

The entire course is 100% practical and you will get a chance to do hands-on training in both modules.


What is Website & Pages?
Introduction to Browsers


What is HTML5
Environment Setup
History of HTML
Anatomy of an HTML Tag
Types of HTML Tags
Basic HTML Document Structure
How to Comment?
HTML Content Mode
HTML Editors
Setting up Title
Paragraph Element
Text Formatting Tags
Heading Elements
List Elements
HTML Character Sets
Displaying Images
Image Positioning
Creating Links
Setting up Menus
Setting up Multiple Pages
ID Element
Working with Tables
Working with Div
Working with Layouts
What is a Form?
Form Types
Input Types, Attributes & Elements
Form Validations
IFrame Tag
Audio & Video Tags
HTML5 New Elements


What is JavaScript?
Where to Write?
Functions & Events
Display Possibilities
JavaScript Statements
Syntax / How to Write?
JavaScript Comments
Local & Global Variables
Operators & Types
Usage of Assignment, Arithmetic & Boolean Operators
Styling & Formatting
JavaScript Data Types
Functions & Objects
Strings & Numbers
Loop Statements
Conditional Statements
Regular Expressions
JavaScript Errors – Throw & Catch
Setting up various JavaScript Items
JSON Objects