Training and Analysis

Training needs analysis is a process that a business goes through in order to determine all the training that needs to be completed in a certain period to allow their team to complete their job as effectively as possible.

In order to stay competitive in today’s dynamic workplace as new technologies, regulations and social behaviors emerges, it is very crucial for an organization to be able to continuously review and update their skills and competences. Training Needs Analysis will enable your organization to channel and employ your limited resources effectively to develop your employees, and enhance your organizational performance.

Business Process Design

We can assist you to develop and design processes, procedures and forms with a holistic consideration of departments, employee, location, and existing ERP system.

An effective BPD shall result in:

  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Reduced Cost
  • Meaningful job for Employees
  • Improvement in organizational approach
  • Growth of business
  • Effective internal controls

Internal Audit

Our firm has substantial experience providing internal audit services to organizations of all industries and sizes. Our risk-based approach to internal audit transforms a traditionally tactile and reactive function to a more strategic one that impacts financial effectiveness & regulatory compliance, drives operational excellence and pro-actively manages risk. Our scope includes:

  • Review of existing policies, procedures, controls and forms
  • Audit of internal controls and systems
  •  Review and testing of the effectiveness of the regulatory compliance procedures
  •  Verification of transactions
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