Advance Business Presentation 

A well done presentation is a visual as well as aural treat, at the same it has the capacity to educate and influence the decision making capacity and perception of the audience. Whether you are new comer or a seasoned presenter, our advanced Business presentation course helps you to deliver effective, result oriented presentation optimized for intended message and demanded action.

Customer Service - Training for Healthcare Industry

Customer service in a medical setting has a unique set of challenges specific to providing first-rate healthcare and patient satisfaction. Among these challenges are such issues as patient privacy, high volume, and management of people in crisis. Unlike customer-service interactions conducted in nonmedical settings, those involving patients and their families are additionally stressful because of their reasons for needing medical attention.

This healthcare customer service training program introduces participants to both the basics of customer service and the specifics of providing it in a healthcare setting. Training topics include calming upset patients and families, rephrasing messages such as “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure how much longer this will take,” and handling difficult situations with confidence and competence.

Customer Service - Training for Hospitality Industry

The success of a hospitality business is judged by its ability to attract and retain customers based on its reputation for quality products and services. Issues such as customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, exceeding customer expectations and ensuring repeat custom are critical for the growth, development and success of the hospitality industry. This unit introduces learners to the principles of customer service and the part employees play in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

Understanding and applying good customer service skills is a key requirement of this unit. Learners will come to appreciate how customer service and appropriate interpersonal skills contribute to the success of a hospitality business. They will be given the opportunity to practise and show customer service support, using appropriate communication and presentation techniques to meet customers’ needs. Using a variety of hospitality-based situations, learners will be taught how to satisfy different types of customers and their specific needs.

Customer Service Training - Delivering Excellence in Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the largest, popular and rewarding job functions in the world and is an essential part of all business. Effective customer service very often can define an organization and plays a key role in its success or lack of it. Our comprehensive and updated customer service training program equips the participants with all the essential skills and competencies, to become a high performing Customer service professional

Essential  Soft Skills for Professionals with Communication Skills

In today's highly demanding workplace, it is important that the employees possess the right set of interpersonal, communication and emotional skills that enhance their relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

It is established that there exists a high degree of correlation between soft skills possessed by the employees and the success of the organization. These skills are not only limited to the workplace but are broadly applicable, whether it's one's career, social or personal life.

Our proven soft skills training program equips the participants with all the essential skills and qualities to have professional as well as personal success in their life, through positively influencing people, effective communication and creating and maintaining successful relationships.

Effective Public Speaking & Business Presentation Skills Training

Public speaking and presentation skills are the most desired skill set demanded by people and yet they are the most feared of activity for a lot among us.

Whether you are a professional or not, our structured, holistic and proven training program gives you all the skills, qualities and experience to confidently address a gathering and deliver effective presentations.

Effective Inter-personal Communication and Influencing skills for Managers and Supervisors

Very often Individual and organizational success depends upon the ability of individuals to communicate with others, direct or indirectly. In fact the ability to communicate effectively is considered as one of the most important of life and professional skills. All our interactions with others are an opportunity for us to be perceived and judged positively and also to build trust and confidence with others, so as to ultimately influence there decagons making in our favor.

Our proven and experiential training program equips the trainees with all the necessary communication and interaction skills so as to be effective and successful in their not only in their  professional life but also in personal life.


Effectively written office communication, be it an email, letter or a memo, has the ability to influence and impress its readers and  very often creates an impact about the professionalism of the writer and the organization in general.

This structured course will give you clear guidelines and practice in how to write better internal and external correspondence. You will learn how to plan your writing carefully, and how to professionally structure different forms of business correspondence including social media content.


Being a Trainer or Facilitator can be one of the most rewarding and challenging career. Trainers play a key role in developing people and organizations and provide them with the skills and directions towards success.

Our holistic and up to date Train the Trainer T3 program covers all the major aspects of a L&D functions like training, facilitation, coaching, mentoring etc.. enabling the participants to successfully start or enhance their career as impact full L&D professionals.

Cross Culture Intelligence and Communication Skills Training

With advances in travel and communication, the average office is globalized and comprises of individuals from varied cultures and countries. Organizations operate across different countries with diverse staff with diverse cultural back grounds. In order to work effectively as a team, and achieve business objectives, diverse staff need to understand each other in terms of culture and communicate effectively. Our comprehensive and updated Cross cultural training course equips the 21st century managers and executives with the necessary skills and competencies to work in a diverse multicultural work place and an international destination like UAE.

Effective Stress Management and Conflict Resolution Training

Stress and conflicts at work place has been identified as one of the major contributors to reduced productivity. Since stress and conflict are inevitable part of work and life, individuals who does not possess effective conflict and stress resolution skills cannot reach their potential and perform optimally. Our comprehensive stress and conflict management training programs equips the participants with all the major techniques and strategies so as to effectively tackle stress and conflict in their life. 

Effective Business English Communication Skills Training

In a fast changing and dynamic world, possessing the right set of communication skills can make all the difference between success and failure. The ability to communicate effectively is considered as the most important of all skill sets by experts.

Our comprehensive, holistic and proven training program will help you to master all aspects of interpersonal communication, and equip you to communicate clearly, confidently and expressively.

NON VERBAL  Communication  - Usage and Interpretation of Body Language

It is established that on average, body language constitutes to 55% of meaning and message we derive in any communication process. The ability to understand and interpret non-verbal messages, especially body language can be immensely helpful for any individual, where one can assess crucial factors like honesty, truthfulness, confidence levels etc. At the same time exhibiting natural positive body language has the power to impress and influence others thus creating lasting impressions and getting positive results. Possessing these skills can be especially advantageous from a professional point of view, as it can lead to better productivity, and work-place communication.

 HELP - Healthcare English Language Programmes

Health Care Workers must have the ability to understand the language used on a daily basis in health care facilities. Some of the words you will only hear and use in your field of work in health care facilities.

As health care professionals, whether you work in dietary services, environmental services, or as a nurse’s assistant, you are required to have effective communication skills. These skills are used to interact with residents, co-workers and management. Communication skills include skills such as listening, hearing (understanding the message), talking (verbal communication), body language (nonverbal communication), writing and showing professional courtesy with a professional attitude at all times. The way you say something sometimes has more of an impact than what you actually said.

HELP - Hospitality English Language Programmes

This aspect of language use has a long history of development, having evolved from expressions of care for visitors and the generosity of the host to present-day commercial practices in hospitality establishments.

A great deal has been written on hospitality as a cultural practice but a careful reading of the relevant literature suggests that the term ‘hospitality language’ has rarely if ever been subject to serious examination. Given its commonplace occurrence, it is rather strange that so little has been written on the subject. We can only assume that it may have been taken for granted like many other areas of spoken language.