Customer Service Training - Delivering Excellence in customer service

Price:                                  1500 AED
Duration:                            18 Hours
Timings:                              Flexible


Course Overview

Customer Service training will help all professionals weather they are experienced or just joined the industry. Customer service  is one of the largest, popular and rewarding job functions in the world. It is an essential part of all business and very often plays a key role in its success. Our modern customer service training program equips the participants with all the essential skills and competencies, to become a high performing Customer service professional.

Who is this training for?

  • All current Customer service professionals who wish to improve and enhance their customer service skills and advance their careers.
  • All aspiring candidates who wish to join customer service sector as their chosen profession


  • Understand and explain the role and importance of effective customer service for Businesses and organizations
  • Understand and acquire a set of inter-personal and professional skills including positive attitude, assertiveness, self-motivation, self-confidence etc.., so as to deliver excellence in customer service delivery
  • Learn and acquire effective communication skills including listening skills so as to deliver excellence in customer service delivery.
  • Learn and acquire strategies and techniques to deal with difficult customers and situations and also manage stressful situations.
  • Understand the concept of customer experience, adding value, and exceeding customer expectations.

 Topics Covered

 Define customer service and the concept of customer service standards and excellence.

  • Concept of internal and external customers, Role and responsibility of customer service professionals
  • Benefits of providing excellent customer service, concepts of returning customer and referrals.
  • Defining customer loyalty and retention, Concept of customer retention rate CRR and its impact on overall business.
  • Essential inter-personal skills for customer service professionals- positive attitude, self-confidence and motivation, assertiveness, enthusiasm, empathy, etc.
  • Communication skills – the role of voice tone, clarity and pace, Importance of asking the right questions, and the concept of anticipation and being non-judgmental.
  • Usage of words and phrases that generate calmness and trust and avoiding words and phrases that creates negativity. Concept of What to say Vs How to say
  • Effective body language and listening skills.
  • The 5 essential factors of customer loyalty- Convenience, CS expectation, CS experience, Personal touch and Rewards
  • Effective time management techniques for CS professionals.
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations, Managing stress and conflicts, Understanding defined escalation points