Quality Management System Certifications

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System:

Organizations that have adopted the principles of ISO 9001 often realize considerable improvements in their day-to-day operations, with business gains.

ISO 9001 Certification is not just suitable for large organizations but also small businesses that will benefit from adopting efficient Quality Management System that will save time and cost, improve efficiency and improve customer relationships.

ISO 13485 - Medical Devices Management Systems Certification:

ISO 13485 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide Medical Devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

Organizations involved in medical device industry see ISO 13485 as the de facto standard towards regulatory compliance.

ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems Certification:

ISO 50001 is a management system that helps you improve the energy performance in your business, and use the energy more efficiently. Thus, the objective of this standard is to cut energy costs while improving business sustainability.

Companies that have used ISO 50001 Energy Management standard have managed to improve quality and environmental management. Even though the ISO 50001 is not obligatory, organizations worldwide can face a high number of benefits by obtaining this certification.

QME - Quality Management Essentials:

Quality in all forms, from product manufacturing to customer service under QME certification will improve company's value, cost efficiency, and customer relationship.

QME certification is granted to the companies that demonstrate compliance and regulatory requirements with ISO 9001 standard. PECB will provide this certification which is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the major criteria and is in conformance with ISO 9001. With this certification, companies will show compliance to the specific clauses implemented in their management system.

ISO 30301 - Records Management Systems Certification:

ISO 30301:2011 is a management system that specifies requirements to be met by a Management System for Records (MSR) in order to support an organization in the achievement of its mandate, mission, strategy and goals.

ISO 39001 - Road Traffic Safety Management Systems Certification:

ISO 39001:2012 specifies requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System to enable an organization that interacts with road traffic system to reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes which it can influence. This standard is applicable to public and private organizations that interact with road traffic system.

This standard is created to have a considerable impact on the future of traffic safety and increase the awareness of speed, vehicle and driver condition.

ISO/TS 16949 - Automotive Quality Management Systems Certification:

ISO/TS 16949:2009 is a standard for Quality Management System of automotive industry, which defines the quality management system requirements for the design and development, production and, when relevant, installation and service of automotive related products. ISO/TS 16949 contains recommended automotive industry best practices and examples.

This standard is applicable to sites of the organization where customer-specified parts, for production and/or service, are manufactured. ISO/TS 16949 is based on the process approach and it provides an organized way for businesses to document and codify specific work practices in ways that best serve customer needs.