Price: AED 2000

Duration: 18 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

This course will accelerate your career at professional level. It will get yourself ready make Applications, Letters, Proposals, Documents, Reports, Thesis, and Quotations or any type documentation work you may require to do on computer. It will help you improve your Typing Skills as well as English Writing Skills. Also you can make nice design and layouts for greeting cards, notice board or anything which may require you to type, design and print in attractive and colorful format.

Course Outline

What is Documentation?
Why to Use MS Word?
Getting used to with MS Word Window & Tabs
What is Document?
New Document Setup
Document Save & Save As in different types and versions
Typing Skills
Navigation & Selection Techniques
Document Navigation
Selection Techniques
Text & Paragraphs Editing
Using Undo and Redo
Cut, Copy & Paste
Hot Keys for Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy & Paste
Text Alignment
Formatting & Styling
Paragraph Spacing and Indents
Bullets & Numbering
Inserting Tables, Rows & Columns
Table Content Editing
Table Structure Editing
Table Styling
Page Layout & Views
Headers and Footers
Margins Setup & Editing
Page Breaks
Inserting new Page
Document Proof Reading & Editing
Spell Check
Grammar Check
Using Auto Correct
Find & Replace Options
Finding & Replacing Text
Graphics & Images
Images, Clip Art and Graphics Insert
Image Positioning & Editing.
Print Layout
Printer Selection
Printing Pages & Documents
Save in PDF or in different formats
*Advance level course is also offered