Price: AED 2,500

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Outline

Introduction to Python
Introduction to Python
How to use IDLE to develop programs

How to write your first program
Basic coding skills
To work with data types and variables
To work with numeric data
To work with string data
To use five of the Python functions

How to code control statements
To code Boolean expressions
o To code the selection structure
To use the iteration structure

How to define and use functions and modules
To define and use functions
More on defining and using functions
To create and use modules
To use standard modules
To plan the functions of a program

How to test and debug a program
An intro to testing and debugging
Techniques for testing and debugging
To use the IDLE debugger

How to work with lists and tuples
Basic skills for working with lists
To work with a list of lists
More skills to work with lists
To work with tuples

How to handle exceptions
Single exception
Multiple exceptions

How to work with Numbers
Basic skills to work with numbers
Numbers formatting
Working with decimal numbers

How to work with Strings
Basic skills to work with strings
Split and join strings

How to work with Dates and Times
How to get started with dates and times
More skills to work with dates and times