Price: AED 4,000

Duration: 25 Hrs

Timings: Flexible

To be listed on the first page of Google is the aim of most website owners based on their specific products and services offered by them. It often seems impossible or extremely expensive (or both) to achieve this target. The main objective of this course is to give you the skills at professional level you require to do the best Optimization of any particular website to improve its standing in the Google Ranking for an appropriate keyword.

Never Underestimate the Competition Online ~ Never Underestimate the SEO Worth

This course will allow you to implement the best practices of SEO to get the desired position in an organic search and let your client or employer to enjoy the upcoming success.

Course Outline


What is Website / Portal?

What are Domains & Hosting?


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Why SEO?

Introduction to Search Engines

Why Google?

Googlebot, Spiders, Crawlers & Indexing

SEO Techniques & Algorithms

On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization

Understanding Webpage Titles and Meta

Tags – Description, Keywords

Keyword Research

What is Competitor Analysis?

Perform Competitor Analysis

What is On-Page Optimization?

Starting with On-Page Optimization

Defining Header Tags

Defining Page Titles

Defining Page Description

Defining Page Keywords

Creating Page Tags and Defining Internal Page Links

Image Alt Tag & Setup

Browser Compatibility

Understanding Website and WebPages Structure

Understanding Website Performance & Speed

What is Google Search Console (Webmaster)?

Creating Google Search Console / Webmaster Account

Adding website in Google Search Console

Creating & Submitting Sitemap & Robots.txt Files

Verifying Website

Google Submission

What is Google Analytics Tool?

Important of Google Analytics Tool

Creating Google Analytics Account

Adding website in Google Analytics

Social Media Integration

Internal Blog Setup

Internal Blog Integration

What is Off-Page Optimization?

Why Off-Page Implementation?

Social Media Accounts Setup

Social Media Activates

Online Blogs (External), Forums & Discussion Boards

Posting Blog Posts & Articles

Content Publishing & Sharing

Online Business Directories

Classified Portals

What are Back links?

Back Links Importance

Back Links Types

Online Marketing Campaigns

Market Research

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

What is Pay-per-Click (PPC)?

What is Social Media Advertising?


Google Ads

Case Study / Audit Report

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