Price: 2,500

Duration: 20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

If you have heard about SQL but never get a chance to learn then it is the right time to join and get this powerful skill. Our course makes it easier for you to get hands-on training as well as build up your database concepts.

It will allow you to learn about SQL Administration and setup new database confidently based on any specific requirement. On top you will learn how to design, setup and manage the SQL databases using one of the best tools called PHPmyAdmin, being used in the market. 

It is an interesting course and skill which allow you to manipulate or store the large volume of data in or of any organization and generate on-demand queries based on specific search criteria.

In short, you will learn Database Setup and SQL Administration via

  • PHPmyAdmin
  • Command Console

Course Outline

What is Database?
What is SQL?
Use of SQL
SQL Statements
What is XAMP & WAMP?
Setting up XAMP/ WAMP
What is PHPmyAdmin?
Why PHPmyAdmin?
How to Access PHPmyAdmin?
Getting used to with PHPmyAdmin
Basic SQL Statements
Setting up Databases
Listing the Database
Renaming/ Deleting Databases
What are Tables, Rows & Columns?
Listing the Database
What is Record?
Renaming / Deleting Tables
What is Table Field?
Setting up new Fields
Renaming/ Deleting Fields
Editing Table Field
What is Data Structure?
Data Structure Types
Defining Table Structure
Editing Table Structure
What is Primary Key?
What is Index Key?
Setting up Primary & Index Key?
Auto Increment & Default Values
Inserting Data into Tables
Retrieving Data from Tables
Updating Data into Tables
Setting up Multiple Databases
Setting up Multiple Tables
Viewing Tables, Update & Drop options
Command Line / Console
SQL Statements
SQL Queries
Console / Command Prompt Statements & Queries
Insert Query via Console / Command Prompt
Drop Query via Console / Command Prompt
Update Duery via Console / Command Prompt
Select Query via Console / Command Prompt
Database Backup via PHPmyAdmin
Database Import via PHPmyAdmin
Database Backup via Console / Command Prompt
Database Import via Console / Command Prompt
Database Optimization