excel dashboard reporting

Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 18 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Reporting provides powerful tools to help you visualize, build, organize, share and analyze huge amounts of data. You and your team can word smarter, faster, more accurate, instant and conventional.


Course Outline

Introduction on Microsoft Excel Dashboard Reporting 

  1. Benefits of Performing Data Analysis
  2. DOs & DON’Ts of Presenting Data
  3. Stages of Data Analysis

Advanced Formatting Techniques

  1. Advanced Text Formatting
  2. Best Way to Present Tables
  3. Many Ways to Present Numbers – Customized Number Formatting
  4. Customized Dates & Time Formatting

MS Excel Dashboard Reporting New Feature: Sparklines

  1. What are Sparklines?
  2. Inserting & Modifying Sparklines
  3. Analyzing Data with Sparklines
  4. Performing Tweaks with Sparklines
  5. Handling Missing Data
  6. Making the Sparklines Dynamic (Auto-Update)

Chartless Visualization Techniques

  1. Conditional Formatting
  2. Highlighting Cells Based in Criteria
  3. Using Data Bars, Icon Sets & Color Scales
  4. Make Your Own Formatting Rules
  5. Using Special Symbols
  6. Using the Camera Tool

Advanced Charting Techniques

  1. The Basics of Charting
  2. Going through different types of Charts
  3. Modifying Charts and Working with Chart Options
  4. Advanced Charts Formatting
  5. Inserting Text and Pictures inside Charts
  6. Modifying Chart Axis
  7. Creating Specialized Charts for Measuring Performance
  8. Combo Chart
  9. Dynamic Chart
  10. Thermometer Chart
  11. Bullet Chart

Processing the Data Model

  1. Learning Useful Excel Functions
  2. Simple IF & Nested IF Function
  3. CHOOSE & OFFSET Function
  5. VLOOKUP & INDEX-MATCH Functions
  6. Adding Interactivity with Drop Downs

Enhancing Interactivity

  1. Adding Interactive Advanced Controls
  2. Buttons Control
  3. Check Box
  4. Spin Buttons
  5. Option Buttons

Automating Reports

  1. Using Macros to Automate Reports
  2. Recording a Macro
  3. Running a Macro
  4. Assigning Macros to Objects & Buttons

Pivot Tables

  1. Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables: A very Powerful Reporting Tool
  2. Creating & Modifying Pivot Tables
  3. Performing Calculations within Pivot Tables
  4. Working with Pivot Charts
  5. Analyzing Data with Excellent New Features in Pivot Tables
  6. Slicers
  7. Timelines

Building the Dashboard

Building a Complete Dashboard from Scratch

Who is it for?

This course Microsoft Excel Dashboard Reporting are for those who are in reporting areas like accountants and other professionals who uses the application to make their work easier. 

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