Price:                                            1500  AED  PER LEVEL
Duration:                                       24 Hours    PER LEVEL
Timings:                                         Flexible

Course Overview

Original from Castilla, Spanish or Castellano is an Ibero-latin language that developed after the fall of the Roman Empire. Spanish is the First official language in terms of number of countries (22 countries) and the second in terms of population (470 million). It has an influence in USA and Europe (Latino Music, Dance and most of all Sports, Barça vs Real Madrid).

Spanish is a fun warm and interactive language; It is also a passionate, exotic and colourful language easy to learn and easy to speak.

This course is designed carefully to enable you to speak, read and write Spanish correctly. After 4 levels of this course, you will be able to communicate in Spanish with correct sentences grammatically, lexically and in terms of vocabulary thanks to our special method using different supports (Audio, video and written) and our very qualified and professional teachers.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • understand the basic sounds and fundamental aspects of the Spanish language
  • be able to greet both formally and informally in Spanish
  • ask and answer simple questions about yourself, others and objects
  • be able to tell the time and give personal information
  • be able to talk about your nationality, about your job, and about daily routines
  • be familiar with basic grammar properties of the language.
  • you will learn cultural approach, different language levels and best practices that will allow you speak Spanish fluently.

Who should enroll

This course is open to those with no or little experience in Spanish and wishing to learn the language for personal enjoyment, for travel or for professional reasons.

Course materials included