Price: AED 1,500

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

PV Elite Productivity Training is one of the few pressure vessel and exchanger design and analysis courses combining technical knowledge with practical training. Attendees will learn not only how to use PV Elite and CodeCalc more effectively but also learn how to become better engineers.



Learn commands, features and workflows of Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis


Who Should Attend

  1. EPC Contractors
  2. Static Equipment Professionals


Course Outline

  1. Starting the Test1 Model, Setting Units, Adding the Vessel Elements
  2. Finishing the Test1 Model
  3. Viewing Element Data, Running the Analysis,
  4. Viewing Internal Pressure Calculations
  5. Viewing Elements and Node Numbers
  6. How to Build a Horizontal Vessel
  7. Nozzles, Designating Orientation and Location, Nozzle Types
  8. Adding Nozzles, Input Options
  9. Adding a Hillside Nozzle
  10. Adding Radial and Hilli side Nozzles in the Top Head
  11. Nozzle Code Compliance, UG-37 and Appendix 1-10
  12. Adding Nozzle Reinforcement to the Model using UG-37
  13. Adding Nozzle Reinforcement to the Model using Appendix 1-10
  14. Large Nozzles in Cylindrical Shells
  15. Using UG-45 for Large Nozzles
  16. Elliptical Heads and Torispherical Heads
  17. Designing for Vacuum
  18. Cone to Shell Junctions
  19. Inserting Components
  20. Understanding Joint Efficiency
  21. Joint Efficiency and Welds using UW-12
  22. Radiography and Weld Categories
  23. Modifying Joint Efficiency
  24. Vessel Supports, Forces on Vessel Skirts
  25. Setting Wind Loads
  26. Designing and Analyzing a Skirt
  27. Viewing a Plot of the Base Ring and Analyzing Further
  28. Vessel Saddle Supports
  29. Saddle Design and Analysis
  30. Vessel Leg Supports
  31. Designing and Analyzing Vessel Leg Supports
  32. Lug Supports on Vessels
  33. Designing and Analyzing Lugs on Vessels


Career Path

Upon completion of this PV Elite course you should be able to apply PV Elite for Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis.


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