This training is given to corporate and individual who are aiming for an international certificate. Which will be provided upon completing the training and passing the  examination certification from PECB Canada. Corporate trainings is deliver in accordance to companies respective industry requirement. Following the quality and international standard.

ISO/TS 22317 Foundation

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is essential for building a Business Continuity Management program across the
organization. All companies are exposed to incidents or unintended events that can have various negative consequences,
including productivity paralysis, economic losses, bad corporate reputation or loss of sensitive and confidential data.
To minimize these risks in case they materialize, the organization needs to identify the most obvious threats and the
impact they would have in the organization. ISO/TS 22317 Foundation training enables you to learn the basic elements
necessary to perform a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process. During this training course, you will be able to learn and
understand the BIA model, including the methodology, tools, and approaches used to complete an in-depth Business
Impact Analysis.