Price: AED 2,000

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible


Course Overview

Ecommerce is all about buying or selling online, mobile commerce, b2b sales, data building & collection, financial transactions and trading activities.
There are some most important skills; you must learn to be successful in ecommerce industry which include marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, pricing, and analytics.


Course Outline

This entire course of Ecommerce  is 100% theoretical and you will get a chance to get full understanding of Ecommerce activities to do successful business online.

  1. What is Ecommerce?
  2. History of Ecommerce
  3. How/ Why to do Business Online?
  4. Online Business Management?
  5. Ecommerce Platforms?
  6. Ecommerce Environment Setup
  7. Setting up an Online Shop?
  8. Importance of Website / Mobile App Design & Layout
  9. Managing Storefront
  10. Products Catalog Setup
  11. Inventory / Stock Management
  12. Users Management
  13. Orders Management
  14. Orders Processing
  15. Payment Methods
  16. Payment Gateways
  17. Tax & Shipping Rates
  18. Invoicing
  19. Mobile Integration
  20. Backups & Recovery
  21. Maintenance
  22. Performing Business Strategies
  23. Leads Generation
  24. Leads vs Successful Sales
  25. Target Market?
  26. Attract Audience
  27. Analytics Tools
  28. Digital Marketing Channels
  29. Search Engine Optimization

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