Price: AED 1,200

Duration: 30 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

This Adobe Illustrator course offers  an introduction to the essential tools, techniques and operation of Adobe Illustrator. Delegates will gain the skills needed to create, edit and style a wide range of vector based artwork for print or screen. Topics include fundamental vector drawing and editing skills, vector tracing imported images, and understanding options for export and use with other software.

Course Outline

  1. Welcome to Illustrator
  2. Shapes, selections and transformations
  3. Essential fill, stroke, layers and appearance
  4. Path editing, free-form drawing and the pen tool
  5. Blends and masks
  6. Essential type
  7. Effects – styling your vectors
  8. Brushes and symbols
  9. Live trace and live paint
  10. File formats & printing

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