Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 18 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide delegates with a brief review of Microsoft Excel Intermediate basics and then introduce the intermediate features of Excel. Delegates will be able to create, modify, enhance and print a wide variety of spreadsheets using their newly acquired skills.


Course Outline


  1. Microsoft Excel Intermediate and Spreadsheets & Its Terminology
  2. Understanding Excel Interface
  3. Entering & Editing Data
  4. Opening, Closing & Saving Workbook
  5. Prevent Data Loss in the Event of System Crash
  6. Didn’t Save a Workbook? Don’t Worry – Recover Unsaved
  7. Workbooks

Basic Formula & Function

  1. Difference between a Formula & Function
  2. Learning the Core Excel Functions
  3. Nesting Functions
  4. Understanding Relative, Absolute & Mixed Referencing
  5. Defining Names and Using them in Functions

Formatting Techniques

  1. Useful Formatting Tools
  2. Using Special Number Formatting
  3. Applying Predefined Styles & Themes
  4. Inserting Pictures, Objects & Smart Art

Working with Dates & Time

  1. The Science of Dates & Time in Excel
  2. Useful Date & Time Functions

Efficient Handling of Large Data

  1. Quick Data Selection Techniques – Use of Ctrl & Shift Keys
  2. Quick Data Entry Techniques
  3. Using the Fill Handle
  4. Accelerating Copy Paste
  5. Learning Sorting & Filtering

Analyzing Data with Conditional Formatting

  1. Highlighting Cells based on Different Criteria
  2. Using the Data Bars, Icon Sets & Color Scales Working with Tables
  3. Exploring the Power of Excel Tables
  4. Creating Dynamic Ranges with Tables

Working with Charts & Graphs

  1. Dos & DONTs of Excel Charting
  2. Creating a Chart in no Time!
  3. Useful Charting Techniques

Lookup Functions

  1. Learning the Powerful IF Function
  2. Evaluating Multiple Results with Nested IF
  3. Learning the All Important VLOOKUP & Its
  4. Limitations
  5. Analyzing Data with Criteria – SUMIF Family
  6. Functions

Pivot Tables

  1. Understanding the Power of Pivot Tables – An
  2. Excellent Reporting Tool!
  3. How to Create a Pivot Table
  4. How to Generate Reports from Pivot Tables
  5. Managing & Presenting Pivot Table

Managing Workbook & Worksheet

  1. Linking Worksheets & Workbooks
  2. Performing Calculations across Worksheets with
  3. 3D Formula
  4. Creating a Hyperlink


  1. Printing Fundamentals


  1. Protecting Workbook with Password
  2. Restrict Editing Data – Hiding the Contents of the Cell

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