Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Microsoft Office is an office suite of applications, servers, and services developed by Microsoft. It is a collection of software programs commonly used in an office environment. It is available on both Windows and Mac and includes programs, servers, services, and solutions for various business purposes.


Course Objectives:

  • Know the main components of computer and understand the basics of information technology, the use of computer networks and information security.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge in using the core functions of computer and operating systems.
  • The ability to use word processor with the use of Microsoft Office suite
  • Understand the basics and the use of electronic spreadsheets.
  • Understand the basics of databases and the ability to use the database.
  • Show the required ability to prepare presentations.
  • Search the Internet using an Internet browser, and dealing with electronic mail for sending and receiving electronic messaging


Course Outline

Module 1: Concepts of Information Technology

  • What is Microsoft Office?
  • General IT Concepts
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Information Networks
  • Use of IT in Everyday Life
  • Safety and Security: Protecting Your Health, Data,


Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files

  • First Steps with the Computer
  • Working with Icons
  • Working with Windows
  • Working with Files and Folders
  • Viruses
  • Editing Text Files
  • Printing


Module 3: Word Processing

  • First Steps With Word Processing
  • Basic Text Operations
  • Formatting
  • Tables, Graphics, and Other Objects
  • Word Processing Output


Module 4: Spreadsheets

  • Using the Spreadsheet Application
  • Cells
  • Worksheets
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Formatting Cells and Worksheets
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Preparing Outputs


Module 5: Presentation

  • Getting Started with Presentation Tools
  • Using Text and Images in PowerPoint
  • Charts, Graphs, and Drawn Objects
  • Slide Show Effects
  • Preparing PowerPoint Outputs


Module 6: Information and Communication

  • The Internet
  • Web Navigation
  • Web Searching and Printing
  • Electronic Mail
  • E-mail Messaging

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