Price: AED 1,200

Duration: 16 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Microsoft Powerpoint is a software product used to perform computer-based presentations. There are various circumstances in which a presentation is made: teaching a class, introducing a product to sell, explaining an organization and others.


Course Outline


  1. Introduction to PowerPoint
  2. DOs & DON’Ts of a Good Presentation
  3. PowerPoint Interface
  4. Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  5. Ribbons
  6. Backstage View
  7. Status Bar
  8. View Options
  9. Opening and Closing a File

Starting a Presentation

  1. Using Templates
  2. Apply and Change Themes
  3. Header and Footer

Formatting Techniques

  1. Basic Formatting Techniques
  2. Changing Themes
  3. Eyedropper Tool

Working with Slides

  1. Adding and Removing Slides
  2. Changing Layouts
  3. Organizing into Sections
  4. Rearranging Slides

Working with Pictures and Objects

  1. Adding Pictures and Objects
  2. Adding Shapes and Smart Art
  3. WordArt
  4. Inserting and Formatting Tables
  5. Inserting and Formatting Charts
  6. Importing Charts from Excel
  7. Adding Effects
  8. Object Layering
  9. Compress Pictures to Reduce File Size

Working with Video and Audio

  1. Inserting a Video
  2. Trimming the Video
  3. Choosing desired Frame as video Thumbnail
  4. Inserting an Audio
  5. Running an Audio in the Background

Slide Transitions and Animations

  1. Inserting a Slide Transition
  2. Modifying Transition Effects
  3. Other Slide Transition Options
  4. Adding, Removing and Modifying Animations
  5. Using the Animation Painter
  6. Other Animation Options
  7. A New and Very Powerful Feature: Morph

Finalizing the Presentation

  1. Spelling and Grammar
  2. Speaker Notes
  3. Timings

Delivering the Presentation

  1. Running the Slide Show
  2. Presenter View
  3. Annotation and Highlights

Printing, Saving and Security

  1. Working with Different Print Options
  2. Modifying default file save path
  3. Auto Recovery
  4. Protecting Presentation


Advanced PowerPoint Features: Office Mix

  1. Inserting Screenshot & Screen Recording
  2. Creating and Editing a Mix
  3. Recording Videos Using your Webcam
  4. Adding Interactivity to Your Slides

Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as a Video

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