Price: AED 5,000

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Description

This Islamic Finance course will provide participants with advanced knowledge and skills to enable them to evaluate and analyze projects and business opportunities in an Islamic Financing context.


Key Benefits

We help acquaint you with the essential methods and tools to develop into a successful corporate and Islamic finance manager of tomorrow, by supplementing the traditional metrics of performance with the latest dynamic methods that adapt to the increasing uncertainty and flexibility inherent in the fabric of the modern world.


Course Objectives

  • Overview of Islamic Finance.
  • Understand Interest and Riba.
  • Discuss Gharar
  • Explain Musharka, Mudarba, Murabhah
  • Explore Islamic Contracts
  • Trading in Islamic Commercial Rules.


Course Outline

Module 1: Islamic Finance Overview

  • Islamic Finance Concepts
  • Social Welfare
  • Trade and Financing
  • Islamic Shari’ah and its Economic objectives

Module 2: Islamic Economics and Finance

  • Mortgages
  • Riba
  • Gharar
  • Maisir
  • Detriment

Module 3: Features of Islamic Finance

  • Islamic Banking
  • TVM
  • Debt vs Equity
  • Exchange Rates regulations
  • Currency rate fluctuations

Module 4:  Islamic Contracts

  • Wealth, usufruct and ownership
  • Contract framework
  • Contract elements
  • Valid contracts
  • Voidable contracts (Fasid)
  • Void contracts (Batil)

Module 5:  Islamic Trading

  • Mudarba
  • Musharka
  • Murabha
  • Bai’ AlGharar

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