Price: AED 2,000

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Change in an organization’s processes, information systems and business functions is at times necessary to achieve breakthroughs in efficiency, product or service quality and profitability. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) plays an important role in facilitating these changes.

In this course, participants will learn why BPR is in demand, when to and when not to use BPR and more importantly, how to do it effectively and successfully. Beyond just theory, you will benefit from rich class notes and unique case studies. You will also benefit from the sharing of real-life scenarios, tips and techniques to help you avoid the many pitfalls of BPR and how to overcome the many challenges when implementing it.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of BPR
Learn about Modelling and Optimizing Business Processes
Witness the impact of BPR – Business Process Reengineering in known industries and government
Learn how the overall business environment influences BPR
Get hand-on experience on known modelling tools and BPR practice for simple processes
Put IT high in your business agenda

This course is for:

Senior executives responsible for re-engineering
Members of the re-engineering team
Directors of Information Technology
Business Unit Managers
Quality Assurance Managers

Course Outline

Introduction to BPR
Introduction, Definition, Basic Keywords, The need for BPR, Advantages, Constraining Factors, Challenges
BPR Life Cycle Methodology
The BPR Lifecycle Methodology
Rationalising BPR
Process analysis/visualisation
Process redesign
Implementation planning
Case Studies
BPR and KPIs
KPIs Definition, Measuring KPIs
Role of IT in BPR
Governance & BPR Total Quality Management
Risk Management, Organizational Structures, BPR Project Management
Change Management & BPR – Business Process Reengineering

Course Implementation

Lecture, workshops and Class discussion

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