Price: AED 2,500

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Revit MEP, the software that uses BIM to support building system design projects from concept to construction. Overcome competitive pressures by adopting Revit MEP for BIM, win more work by diversifying service offerings, optimize collaboration with an extended design team and produce streamlined documentation.

Teach designers how to apply their trade in Revit MEP.
Design HVAC, plumbing, piping and electrical systems in Revit.

Who Should Attend

HVAC Engineers.
MEP Contractors/Engineers
MEP Fabricators

Course Outline

  1. Introducing Revit as a BIM Tool
  2. UI Tour, Project Navigation and View Creation
  3. Element Selection and Manipulation
  4. Visibility Control and Categorization
  5. Model Development Methodology
  6. Establishing a Project
  7. Introduction to Building Elements
  8. Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings
  9. Introducing MEP Systems
  10. System Family Editing
  11. Basic Schedules and Legends
  12. Mechanical Systems
  13. Electrical Systems and Circuits
  14. Plumbing Systems
  15. Space, Zones, Areas and Volumes
  16. Construction Sequencing (Phasing)
  17. 2D Draughting and Annotation
  18. Sheet Compilation and Publication
  19. Basic Subdivision and Collaboration
  20. Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing
  21. Considering Options and Alternatives.


Career Path

After this course has been completed, you will explore how to start making construction documents from the completed model as well as create sheets and annotations necessary to finish deliverable drawings.


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