Price: AED 3,500

Duration: 35 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course overview

The Social Media Marketing course provides you with invaluable skills that are needed more than ever. It’s not enough for established or new businesses to simply publish product posts on Facebook or Twitter; marketers nowadays must command attention, craft relevant informational content that delivers real value, and build a loyal community of engaged followers and prospects.

The course will help you create and execute powerful social media plans and cost effective advertising campaigns that unlock massive brand awareness and drive tangible online sales.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to develop a robust underlying social media strategy to focus your time, efforts, and budget—so that social media doesn’t turn into a chaotic free-for-all.


Learning objectives

At the end of this social media marketing course the students will learn how to:

  • Brainstorm, create and execute an effective social media strategy
  • Design, write and publish engaging posts on social media
  • Build and effectively communicate with a community of engaged followers
  • Create, manage and optimize cost effective ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & Snapchat
  • Work with advanced advertising features including lookalike and custom audiences
  • Read, analyze and interpret various social media analytics
  • Compute and analyze a number of important social media metrics
  • Create and interpret social media activity reports including conversion tracking

Participants will have the chance to work on real case studies including regional and international companies.


Course Outline:

  1. Social Media Marketing Foundations
  • Latest social media trends & stats
  • How to plan and execute a successful social media strategy
  • Working with buyer personas
  • Exercise
  1. The Key Stages of Social Media Marketing (1)
  • Social media research & monitoring best practices
  • Social media writing best practices
  • Useful social media design tools
  • Exercise
  1. The Key Stages of Social Media Marketing (2)
  • Social media publishing best practices
  • Social media reporting best practices
  • Exercise
  1. Engagement Techniques for Social Media
  • Key definitions
  • Engagement best practices
  • Social media influencers’ outreach
  • Exercise
  1. Facebook Marketing (1)
  • Introduction
  • Working with profiles and pages
  • Facebook posting best practices
  • Exercise
  1. Facebook Marketing (2)
  • Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Conversion pixels and conversion tracking
  • Live demo
  1. Instagram Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Business profiles on Instagram
  • Instagram posting best practices
  • Advertising on Instagram
  • Live demo
  1. Twitter Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Working with Twitter accounts
  • Tweeting best practices
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Live demo
  1. Snapchat Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Filters and Snapchat features
  • Snapchat best practices
  • Advertising on Snapchat
  • Live demo
  1. Linkedin Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Linkedin features
  • Linkedin posting best practices
  • Advertising on Linkedin
  • Live demo
  1. Pinterest Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Pinterest features
  • Pinterest pinning best practices
  • Advertising on Pinterest
  • Live demo
  1. Course Review and Project

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