Price: AED 3,000

Duration: 40 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

If you are a Web Designer and want to pursue your career to next level then this is the best course you look at. In this course you will not only learn the basic concept of Web Development PHP but also you will how to build Web Applications using Core PHP using mySQL Database Engine.

You will learn PHP language from scratch to understand the programming concept so you can develop browser based applications as per requirement.
It will make you ready to understand and setup Databases, work in SQL and connect the databases with Web Applications via Core PHP coding.
End of the Course you will be able to build and setup Dynamic Web Applications using Core PHP with Database Connectivity.

In other words, it’s a combo course where you will learn following

  1. Dynamic / Web Development PHP
  2. Core PHP Language
  3. Database Design & Setup
  4. Database Administration using PHPmyAdmin

Course Outline

  1. What is Web Development PHP?
  2. Introduction to Open Source Technologies
  3. What is PHP?
  4. What is XAMP & WAMP?
  5. Setting up XAMP/ WAMP
  6. PHP Language Basics
  7. Programming Basics
  8. PHP Statements
  9. Comment Markers
  10. PHP Variables
  11. Naming Rules, Data Types
  12. Working with Strings
  13. Single Quoted Strings, & Double Quoted String
  14. Creating and Assigning Variables
  15. Assigning Values to Variables
  16. Operators (Anathematic, Logical & Boolean)
  17. Decision Statement & Control Structures
  18. Statement Blocks, If Construct, Else Keyword, Elseif Keyword
  19. Loops and Various types of Loops
  20. Looping Constructs, While Loop, Do-while Loop, For Loop, Foreach Loop, Loop
  21. Control Words, Break, Continue
  22. PHP Arrays
  23. Syntax, Creating & Modifying with Square-Bracket Syntax
  24. Array Functions
  25. Using a Return value as a Key
  26. PHP Functions
  27. PHP & HTML
  28. HTML/ PHP Examples
  29. What is MySQL?
  30. What is PHPmyAdmin?
  31. Basic SQL Statements
  32. Creating Databases and Tables
  33. Inserting Data into Tables, Viewing Tables, Update & Drop options
  34. Connecting to MySQL using PHP
  35. Using PHP to Perform Database Functions
  36. Inserting Data into a Database via PHP
  37. Creating Queries using PHP
  38. Executing & Processing the Returned Query Data
  39. Updating the Database
  40. Generating HTML using PHP
  41. PHP inside HTML
  42. HTML Form with Embedded PHP
  43. Dynamic HTML Pages via PHP
  44. Forms Processing with PHP
  45. Email and Cookies using PHP
  46. Generating Email using PHP
  47. Generating Cookies using PHP
  48. Sessions Handling in PHP
  49. Encrypted Storage Model
  50. SQL Injection
  51. Security Techniques
  52. Error Reporting

Course Prerequisites:

  1. Good knowledge in Web Design, HTML and CSS (either hand-coding or with an editor

such as Dreamweaver)

  1. Prior Experience of any programming language will be handy

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