Price: AED 3,500

Duration: 40 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Couse Overview

BI is a tools, technologies, and processes that help turn data into information and information into rules and plans that optimize decision making and business activity. Note that the definition encompasses both technology.

Course Outline

  • Business Intelligence / Business Warehouse
  • Data Warehousing (Data Warehousing Workbench)
  • Data Modelling
  • Info Objects
  • Characteristics
  • Key Figures
  • Data Flow (Transformation, InfoSources, DataSources)
  • Dataflow in BI
  • Transformation Process
  • Datasource and Infosources 3.X
  • Emulated Datasources 3.X
  • InfoProvider (InfoCubes, MultiProviders, VirtualProvider, DataStore Objects, InfoSets, InfoObjects, Direct Access)
  • Infocubes
  • DSOs
  • Virtual Providers
  • Multiproviders and BI Infoset
  • Direct Access
  • Performance Tuning (Aggregates,Query Performance,BI Accelerator)
  • Aggregates
  • Query Performance
  • BI Accelerator
  • Scheduling & Monitoring (Process Chains, Real Time Data Acquisition,Data Load Monitor)
  • Process chains
  • RDA
  • Meta Data (Meta Data Repository,Remodeling Toolbox,BI Content)
  • Meta Data Repository
  • BI Content
  • Remodeling Toolbox
  • Source Systems (UD Connect, Service API, Flat File, DB Connect) & DTP
  • Service API
  • Flat File, BI Infosource and DTP (TBW 10 Unit 4 Page 260-318)
  • DB Connect


Optimizer will give you or your workforce the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the power of your SAP solutions with our suite of training courses, education programs, and SAP Practice Tests. We create a comprehensive training plan, empower end users with live and online courses – and ultimately boost software and technology proficiency which will help you Grow Faster. Huge demand of SAP modules now a days in the market.


What will I learn?

Configuration knowledge and User End knowledge of SAP in all modules.

Consultant Level Training and many other additional information about SAP Integration which belongs to Expert level.

We also provide you the following Facilities

  • SAP Live access from Germany
  • Certified Trainers with 5+ Years of experience in SAP.
  • We are not providing fake installed software’s of SAP, instead we have Live SAP Access.


Target Audience

SAP Users, Accountants, Managers, Sales Managers, CA, CPA, ICWA, Human Resource Managers, IT Programmer

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