Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

This course Advanced Java J2EE is for experienced Java programmers having experience in developing the software using various  Core Java technologies. Core is must for learning the Java EE topics, Java EE is Java Enterprise Edition platform used for developing enterprise applications for business.

Course Outline

Pre-requisite of Java EE Training

Java developer having experience in following topics can go for this training course:

  1. Introduction to Java and Advanced Java J2EE
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. Java Fundamentals
  4. Objects and Classes
  5. Using Java Objects
  6. Inheritance in Java
  7. Advanced Inheritance and Language Constructs
  8. Packages in Java Programming Language
  9. Exception Handling
  10. Input/Output Streams
  11. Core Collection Classes
  12. Collection Sorting and Tuning
  13. Inner Classes
  14. JDBC Concepts
  15. Multi Threading
  16. JDBC SQL Programming
  17. RMI Architecture


The core Java topics is first thing beginner must learn. It teaches the developers to create, compile and run the Java program. Core Advanced Java J2ee course also teaches you the various APIs for writing the application. JDBC programming is a must in Core Java and developer should have good experience in writing the program that connects to database to perform database operation.

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