Price: AED 4,500

Duration: 45 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

This course Blockchain will cover Hyperledger Fabric framework, which is a blockchain open source framework developed by Linux foundation.


Course Outline

Theory Part to be covered:

  1. Introduction To blockchain technology
  2. Available blockchain frameworks
  3. Ethereum framework
  4. Hyperledger fabric framework
  5. Key components and transaction flow
  6. Roles within Fabric network
  7. How to reach consensus
  8. Transaction flow
  9. Ordering Service
  10. State database
  11. Smart contract / Chaincode
  12. Chaincode API’s
  13. Chaincode program


Development part to be covered

  1. Install and configure network
  2. Configure Hyperledger Fabric container.
  3. Generate entities Crypto materials and artifacts.
  4. Define Initial multi-org configuration policy.
  5. Configure Ordering Service (Solo, or KAFKA).
  6. Generate Genesis Block.
  7. Define private data collection
  8. Application lifecycle management
  9. Writing Chaincode (known as smart contract in blockchain)
  10. Install and Instantiate Chaincode package.
  11. Consume RESTful API’s to communicate with the blockchain network.
  12. Network maintenance and operations
  13. Add peer to existing Organization.
  14. Create channel.
  15. Add organization to a channel.
  16. Update channel configuration.
  17. Update Hyperledger Fabric network.
  18. Tools for development
  19. Docker & Docker compose.
  20. Download Fabrice framework binaries and images.
  21. Java SDK / Nodejs / Python / Go language.
  22. Hyperledger composer.

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