Price: AED 900

Duration: 15 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

To pursue your career in Web Design industry, one of the basic and important tool or language you need to learn is HTML. Once you are confident in HTML Coding then your further efforts towards Website Designing will be an easier step and you don’t have to learn it again means only proceed to next level.

For an expert Web Designer, it is important to get solid hands-on experience in HTML coding. It is one of the fundamental languages of internet that is why it is called Mother Language of Internet or Mother Language of Web Pages.


Course Outline

The entire course is 100% practical and you will get you a chance to do hands-on training and practice.

What is Website & Pages?
Introduction to Browsers


  1. What is HTML5
  2. Environment Setup
  3. History of HTML
  4. Anatomy of an HTML Tag
  5. Types of HTML Tags
  6. Basic HTML Document Structure
  7. How to Comment?
  8. HTML Content Mode
  9. HTML Editors
  10. Setting up Title
  11. Paragraph Element
  12. Text Formatting Tags
  13. Heading Elements
  14. List Elements
  15. HTML Character Sets
  16. Displaying Images
  17. Image Positioning
  18. Creating Links
  19. Setting up Menus
  20. Setting up Multiple Pages
  21. ID Element
  22. Working with Tables
  23. Working with Div
  24. Working with Layouts
  25. What is a Form?
  26. Form Types
  27. Input Types, Attributes & Elements
  28. Form Validations
  29. IFrame Tag
  30. Audio & Video Tags
  31. HTML5 New Elements

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