Price: AED 1,500

Duration: 20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Programming in C# is the most popularly used programming language for developing different types of .net applications. As per today’s trend, C# has more demand. C# is an Object Oriented Programming language, It is introduced specifically for .NET and thus has no backward compatibility issues.


Course Outlines

  1. Introduction to Programming in C#
  2. NET IDE and all its features.
  3. Major features of .NET Framework and their involvement in .NET platform.
  4. Major concepts behind CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  5. Very deep understanding of C# language features.
  6. Understand and implement practically concepts of Object Orientation which is most important for all types of application development.
  7. Develop database intensive applications using ADO.NET.
  8. Develop an ability to read and write data in streams and files, serialize and de-serialize an object graph.
  9. Build a standard GUI for Windows Based Applications using WinForms.
  10. Develop complete applications as in real-time development environment using N
  11. Tier architecture.
  12. Build Setup package and deploy .net applications in production environment.

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