Price: AED 1,800

Duration: 18-20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Document Controller Advanced is designed to provide an effective maintenance and functional system for records management and document control is a major requirement for any organization, large or small. 


Course Outline

Introduction & Role of the Lead / Manager – Document Control

  • Role of Lead / Manager – Document Control
  • Differentiate the Roles
  • Aligning strategy with company objectives
  • Creating a vision and a culture
  • Mobilizing a team
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Developing plans to achieve objectives
  1. Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Which software packages are used by Document Controllers?
  • What are the functionalities of Document Control Software Packages?
  • How can it help Document Controllers?


  1. Document Types
  • Construction Documents definition
  1. Project Master File Index
  • How to build a project master file index


  1. Planning & Organizing Document Control Tasks
  • Methodology for planning & organizing tasks
  • Workload & Resource Calculation
  • Planning & Tasks Allocation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Budget planning & monitoring


  1. Implementation of Document Control Systems
  • Methodology of implementation
  • Assessment of requirements
  • Implementation plan
  1. Implementation of Document Control Rules
  • Documenting the Document Control System
  • Flowcharts
  • Policies
  • Internal Procedures & Guidelines
  • Instructions to Contractors
  • Document Templates
  1. Management of Document Control Team
  • Team Leading
  • Motivation
  • Objectives 
  • Performance Management
  • Workload Management


  1. Understand Document Control stakeholders and their requirements
  • Understand your department manager’s / project manager’s needs and ensure that you meet them
  • Ensure that you are useful and recognized member of the team and that you add value
  1. Setting up Document Control for a new project
  • Analyze requirements (internal, client’s, project management team)
  • Advise on Solutions (Observation & Recommendation Reports)
  • Understand the difference of perspectives from the Client’s point of view and from the Contractor’s point of view
  • Plan what needs to be implemented
  • Implement procedures, templates, registers, numbering, distribution, reviews, etc.
  • Prepare for the project kick-off
  • Design workflows
  1. Reporting on the status of documents
  • KPIs (*) and metrics to measure performance
  • Design statistics for the management team
  • Understand users’ requirements
  • Present and communicate meaningful, fit-for-purpose and useful statistics and reports
  1. Writing Document Control Procedures, Specifications, Requirements
  • What makes a good Document Control procedure / requirements
  • How to make a procedure / requirements easy to understand
  • Producing fool-proof procedures and requirements
  • How to formulate formal clauses and wording
  • Create mechanisms for improving / updating procedures
  1. Raising awareness about Document Control
  • Organize straight forward and meaningful inductions for new team members (e.g. engineers, technical teams, etc.)
  • Communicating about roles and responsibilities, processes, procedures
  • Awareness of risks of not managing documents properly
  • Awareness of benefits of managing documents properly
  • Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of Document Control
  • Developing influencing skills
  1. Organizing an As-Built documentation package
  • Analyze requirements
  • Plan what needs to be done
  • Documentation preparation and handling
  • Documentation checking
  • Documentation delivery
  1. Managing your competencies
  • Assess your competency level through an Examination
  • Assess how you compare with your peers / other Document Controllers
  • Explore areas for development
  • Plan the development of your skills and competencies

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