Price: AED 2,500

Duration: 18 hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Human Resource Management has evolved from over the years and is now one of the most important management function for a modern organization. From finding the best talents and retaining them to deriving the best in productivity and employee satisfaction HR function vary and is one of the most challenging business function. Our modern and dynamic HRM course enable all prospective and existing professionals with all the skills and tools required to be a successful HR professional.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Human resource management
  • Staffing, Recruitment, and Orientation-Staffing Plan
  • Job Descriptions, Recruitment and Hiring
  • Selection techniques and methods, Orientation and On-boarding
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Create an Overall Salary Scale, Determine Salary Offers, and Determine Salary
  • Increases, Institute Benefits, Timekeeping, Payroll Administration
  • Performance Management- Performance and
  • Development Planning
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Performance Review and Assessment, Rewards and Recognition, Staff
  • Development and Learning
    Employee Relations- Establish a Code of Conduct,
  • Monitor Staff Satisfaction,
  • Address Conflict between Staff Members,
  • Mechanisms for Representing and Protecting Employer and Employee Rights,
  • Ensuring Confidentiality
    Staff Care and Safety- Safety and Security, Risk Management,
  • Separations-Resignation, Retirement, Fixed Term Contract, Redundancy,
  • Termination for Cause, Death
    Role of MIS, ERP, and Payroll administration Software,
  • Role of social media in recruitment process


Who is it for:

All prospective and current HR professionals who wish to gain more insights and practical knowledge in Human Resource Management functions, policies and procedures.



Understand the role and importance of HR and Human Resource Management in the modern business world
Understand and learn the various HR functions and roles, from recruitment planning to separations of personals.
Develop human resources policies and procedures for HR Functions like staffing, compensation, performance management, employee relations, separations etc.


Training Methodology

The training will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles. The training program is highly interactive in nature with training delivered with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, video presentations, discussions, mock sessions/role-plays/group tasks, writing exercises etc., each followed by discussion and debrief sessions if required.
Participants to design and write various policy documents pertaining to HR functions.

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