Price: AED 1,500

Duration: 15-18 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Document Controller basic is designed for an effective maintenance and functional system for records management and document control is a major requirement for any organization, large or small.

Through this training program, each participant will get a process driven plan of action along with necessary skills to assist with the development and implementation of an appropriate program for managing their organization’s documents, records and information.


Course Outline

Introduction to Document Control

What is Document Control and the role of the Document Controller?

  1. The Basics of Document Control
  • Authentication Process
  • Validation Process
  • Proper Control
  • Repository


  1. Project Stages
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Tender
  • Contract / Construction
  • Close-Out
  • Retention


  1. Maintaining Documents Status Log
  • Entry of the documents information in to the Log (Correspondences & Engineering/Technical documents)


  1. Document Classifying, Filing & Information Security
  • How to organize documents and manage information security
  1. Documents Lifecycle
  • What is the lifecycle of technical documents?

Document creation, modification, review cycle, comments, approval, etc….

  • How to manage documents at each step of their life
  • How to prevent unintended of obsolete documents
  1. Document Distribution
  • How to ensure an efficient and relevant distribution of documents
  1. Project Document Control (Construction & Close-out)
  • Specifics of Project Document Control
  • Managing deliverables
  • Flow of project documents
  • Interactions with Client, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Vendors
  • Master Deliverable Register (MDR)
  • Specifics of As-Built / Final Documentation
  • Document Controller tasks during As-Built phase
  1. Document Control Procedures and Specifications
  • Why do we need procedures?
  • Which subjects should be included in a Document Control Procedure?
  1. Interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managers
  • How to support technical teams?
  • How to manage work pressure?
  • How to manage difficult situations?

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