Price: AED 3,000

Duration: 20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course overview

In a dynamic and challenging business world secretarial office administration professional and managers with the right set of skills and qualities can make all the difference. Our dynamic and modern office administration and management course, equips all existing and prospective professionals to face the challenge of meeting 21st century International work place like Middle East.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Secretarial Office Administration Concept of Professionalism
  • Identifying essential Skills of an efficient office administrator
  • Identifying personal strengths and detecting areas for improvement
  • Concept of Global workplace and connectivity- Cultural awareness, sensitivity and Business etiquettes
  • Essential soft skills for Administrators- Confidence, Attitude, Assertiveness, Situational awareness etc..
  • Essential Emotional intelligence for administrators
  • Interpersonal communication skills- Verbal skills- Voice, tone pace clarity articulation etc. Non-verbal skills including Body language, Para-language and listening skills
  • Business English Communication- Telephone skills, Business letters, and Memos; Organizational charts, Effective phrasal verbs for Professionals, Email writing and etiquettes
  • Understanding Business/Company objectives, Administrative Office Procedures and Responsibilities of the office professional
  • Records and Document management process, Filing and archiving, Statutory compliance documents and concept of need for confidentiality
  • Introduction to MIS and ERPS, electronic Data management systems
  • Administrator as leader and team member- leadership and team working skills
  • Time management- Setting SMART goals, Improving productivity, Multitasking,  Prioritization techniques, Covey’s Model and beyond
  • Stress and Conflict management-Creating an efficient and productive work place and positive work culture, Dealing with difficult people and situations, coping strategies Conflict Resolution through Kilmann’s model
  • Organizing and attending effective meetings- process and procedures and Fundamentals of presentations


Who is it for:

  • Those who are into secretarial office administration jobs.
  • All current administrators and secretaries who wish to further improve their administrative skills.
  • All aspiring professionals and fresher’s who wish to be efficient administrators and secretaries



  • Define the secretarial office administration functions and job description
  • Understand and explain the roles and responsibilities of a competent and efficient administrator
  • Employ the best practices of secretarial office administration
  • Acquire and enhance a set of soft, emotional and Communication skills essential for office administrator functions
  • Understand the role of MIS, ERPs, Productivity suites and Social Media in relation to administrative functions.
  • Acquire and enhance effective leadership and team working skills, so as to lead, motivate, and contribute the co-workers
  • Acquire and enhance a set of professional skills like day today office procedures, people management, time management, so as to improve productivity and compliance to business objectives
  • Learn and acquire strategies and techniques to deal with difficult people and situations and also manage stressful situations.

Training methodology:

  • This training on secretarial office administration will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.
  • The training program is highly interactive in nature with training delivered with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, activities, role-plays, video presentations, discussions and energizers in between.
  • Each session will have activities involving; mock sessions/role-plays/group tasks, followed by discussion and debrief, Q&A and re-cap sessions.
  • Trainees will be provided with courseware which includes, study material, handouts, and activity sheets etc.

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