stress management conflict resolution

Price: AED 2,400

Duration: 24 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course overview

Stress management and conflicts at work place has been identified as one of the major contributors to reduced productivity. Since stress and conflict are inevitable part of work and life, individuals who does not possess effective stress management and resolution skills cannot reach their potential and perform optimally. Our comprehensive stress management and conflict resolution training programs equips the participants with all the major techniques and strategies so as to effectively tackle stress and conflict in their life.


  1. Understand stress and various types of stress and the underlying reasons
  2. Understand the benefits of positive stress
  3. Identify the sources of stress in your work life
  4. Change personal behaviours which contribute to stress
  5. Develop coping strategies and techniques for stress management
  6. Identify causes of conflict at work
  7. Describe the stages in the development of conflict
  8. Explain the effects of conflict on individual and team performance at work
  9. Understand the stages involved in conflict situations
  10. Learn and practice effective conflict management and resolution techniques and strategies.


Course Outline

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of stress from a personal and professional point of view
  2. The benefits of effectively managing workplace stress
  3. An introduction to stress awareness
  4. Understanding the sources of stress – emotional, mental, physiological and behavioral
  5. Understand the long term effects of stress on different levels
  6. Learn Coping strategies and tips for managing stress
  7. Role of healthy life style, exercises and breathing techniques
  8. Role of conflict resolution and Time management
  9. Role of interpersonal skills in managing stress.
  10. Understanding Conflict and the need for Conflict Resolution Process
  11. Recognizing different styles of conflict and the stages involved
  12. Understanding Johari window- Improving self-awareness
  13. Recognizing your own preferred way of dealing with conflict
  14. Identifying the impact of different conflict styles
  15. Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  16. 7 Steps involved in conflict resolution
  17. Role of interpersonal communication skills in effective conflict resolution and stress management.


Who is it for:

All prospective and current supervisors, executives, managers, senior students, who has to deal with stress and conflict situations

Training methodology

  1. The Training will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.
  2. The training program is highly interactive in nature with training delivered with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, video presentations, discussions, mock sessions/role-plays/group tasks, writing exercises etc., each followed by discussion and debrief sessions if required.
  3. Participants to design and write various policy documents pertaining to HR functions.

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