Price: AED 3,000

Duration: 12 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Effective communication skills training are among the most critical skill that every professional should possess to be successful in today’s challenging work environment. While some are natural leaders, some need to further develop leadership skills. Our dynamic and experiential leadership training course help to equip participants to gain insights and competencies to effectively lead teams and organizations. So as to be more productive and successful in life. The effective communication skills  training course helps you to increase your ability to become a good listener, receiver and giver of information. 

Course Outline

1.   How the effective communication skills helps in organization; and what are the essentials of Effective Communication Skills and Skills vs. Qualities, Define leadership, Groups vs. Teams, Effective goal setting.

2.    Concept of Leader vs. Followers

3.    Leader as a motivator, Concept of collective responsibility.

4.    Identify the different leadership types: Participative Leadership – Situational Leadership – Contingency-Based Leadership – Transformational Leadership

5.    Edward Shackleton- The story

6.    Introduction to Kouzes & Posner

7.    Become an inspirational role model- Leading by example

8.    Inspiring others for a shared vision

9.    Effective communication in a team environment, including Non-verbal communication

10. Undertake effective goal setting

11. Learn to influence others’ perspectives

12. Defining team Roles, and Responsibilities.

13. Team progression stages and life cycle, Belbin’s team roles, and 5 Point Team dysfunction.

14. Facilitation skills, Team meeting process.

15. Conflict in Teams with practical examples, Kilman’s 5 point Conflict management theory.

16. Planning and organizing a super performing team- Time management- Delegation as a productivity tool.

17. Process-based approach to resolving ongoing challenges.

18. Encourage growth & mutual respect, Fostering a positive work culture and environment, Learn to share rewards & celebrate accomplishments.


  • Learn how to employ and effective communication skills
  • Learn to identify the different types of leadership styles and understand your personal leadership style.
  • Learn to set clearly defined team goals and objectives.
  • Learn and understand major leadership theories and their relevance in a team environment
  • Recognize the different team development stages and behaviors and master techniques to manage teams at each stage.
  • Understand and learn to use effective communication skills for effective leadership.
  • Learn and understand from a leadership perspective; how different roles played by team members affect the performance.
  • Learn and Improve conflict management skills so as to aid in the smooth functioning of teams.
  • Learn to foster teamwork, staff development and create a supportive team culture through practical activities, using effective leadership skills


Who is it for

Entrepreneurs, Self-employed professionals, Junior, Mid and senior Managers, Team leaders, Supervisors etc. Anyone who has to manage and lead staff as part of their profession.

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