Price: AED 3,00

Duration: 20 Hours

Timing: Flexible

 Course Overview

This versatile and intensive executive coaching program uses, Advanced Insights Psychometric profiles which gives there distinct reports namely DISC analysis with adaptive behaviour, Individual Values/Drivers and a comprehensive analysis of decision making capacity by analysing and ranking of 76 personal and professional attributes. Feedback is given to the participant and then intensive coaching is given to address specific areas for behavioural and performance improvements.

Services offered in proposal:

  • Most modern and accurate Psychometrics test with a 76 page Report for each participant.
  • Executive coaching/training for participants,One to one sessions based on the report and feedback session.


Part 1 of test: The DISC Index profile:

  • Measures four major behavioral traits, namely Decisiveness, Interactive capacity, Stability and Cautiousness along with 48 sub traits

Part 2 of test: The Values Index profile:

  • Measures seven different dimensions of behavior and ranks them, which are the fundamental motivators behind decision making
  • Measures and ranks personal drivers,namely Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Political, Altruistic, Regulatory, and Theoretical

Part 3 of test: The Attribute Index profile:

  • Measures critical thinking and decision making by measuring 76 personal and professional attributes
  • Drives staff engagement, self-awareness& personal development by identifying and ranking strengths andweakness
  • Attribute index profile can be customized for various roles and competencies like Leadership, Team building, etc.

The test functions as a Training and Coaching need analysis, thereby enhancing coaching and training functions of the participants.

The executive coaching functions are very often dynamic and may include a variety of focus areas. The following areas are generally discussed as part of coaching as required.

  • Understanding role and situational awareness
  • Understanding and optimizing management style
  • Self-Motivation and Goal setting.
  • Solving specific problems and weak behaviours.
  • Leadership ability Enhancement
  • Interpersonal effectiveness with focus own Emotional Intelligence
  • Industry specific requirements.
  • Cultural competency and fit
  • Biases and Blind spots


Training/Coaching Methodology

  • The Training/Coaching will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.

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