Price: AED 6,600

Duration: 120 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course Overview

Training in Special Education trainee’s will gain access to the introduction of education etc.  A’s share and mental disability and also how to diagnose only disability mental and educational programs for individual.

And classroom management and individualize teaching based on the principle of individual differences and learning difficulties and hearing training sessions and Alnma Vision and severe and multiple disabilities of and behavior management and hyperactivity and attention deficit and family counseling and autism .


Course Outline

  • Introduction Training in Special Education
  • Methods of dealing with a mentally handicapped child
  • Methods of dealing with an autistic child
  • Skills in dealing with late linguistically
  • Skills of dealing with a child with learning difficulties
  • Skills of dealing with a child who is hyperactive and distracted
  • Skills on dealing child behavior
  • Skills in raising child positively
  • Skills in preparing an individual educational plan
  • Methods of dealing with a child with cerebral palsy
  • Methods of dealing with a child with visual impairment
  • Methods of dealing with a child with a hearing disability


Target group

This training in Special Education is for School principals and nurseries and kindergartens and teachers of primary education students of the education Faculty and the owners of motivational and owners of passion and those interested in raising their children.

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