Price: AED 2,000

Duration: 21 Hours

Timing: Flexible

Course overview

Business english course is designed to match this fast changing and dynamic world, possessing the right set of communication skills can make all the difference between success and failure. The ability to communicate effectively is considered as the most important of all skill sets by experts.

Our comprehensive, holistic and proven business english course program will help you to master all aspects of business, and equip you to communicate clearly, confidently and expressively.

Course Outline

  1. Need for Business English Course and Effective Communication skills
  2. Interpersonal skills and Effective Communication
  3. Speaking Assertively, with Confidence and Positive attitude
  4. Role of Sense of humor and Empathy in Communication
  5. Introduction to Cross-cultural communication and Sensitivity
  6. The concept of influencing people through Communication and factors involved
  7. Definition, Importance, Types and Components of Communication
  8. Verbal Communication-Components, Pitch, Intonation, Accent, Tone, Clarity, Pace etc.
  9. Non-verbal communication, Effective Body Language -Posture, Gesture, Facial expression, Eye contact
  10. Listening skills and Concept of Paralanguage
  11. Business Communication- Importance and components
  12. Meeting, Greeting Introductions, Oneself and Others and Small talk.
  13. Asking questions to get information and giving directions
  14. Usage of phrasal verbs and idioms.
  15. Understand regional accents and effectively communicate with those who speak it.


Who is it for:

  1. Professionals of all levels, Junior, Mid and senior Managers, Members of public, Senior students.
  2. Anyone who wishes to improve their general and English language communication skills



  1. This business english course provide an understanding and the importance of communication skills and how effective it can be use to enhance their work and social life.
  2. Understand the concept of interpersonal skills, learn and use some of them in communication process
  3. Learn to use voice effectively for enhanced casual and business communication.
  4. Communicate more effectively with speakers of British, American, Asian and Oriental English.
  5. Enhance English communication skills by using devices like idioms and phrasal verbs.
  6. Trainees to understand the importance of optimal body language, and its use it in everyday communication.

Training methodology:

  1. This business english course will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.
  2. The training program is highly interactive in nature with training delivered with a combination of lectures, Prezi-presentations, practical examples, activities, role-plays, mock sessions, video presentations, discussions, energizers, Q&A and re-cap sessions etc.
  3. Trainees will be provided with courseware which includes, study material, handouts, and activity sheets etc.

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